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September 2023

Project Inception

Witnessing our farmers struggling with extreme weather, higher input costs, lower subsidy payments, and pressure from the supermarkets it was clear that we needed to do more to help. 

October 2023

Farmer Protests

Seeing the farmers take part in the Proud to Farm supermarket blockades the very next month confirmed to us that this was the right time to do what we can to help.

November 2023

Project Launch

At VegFest London we launching the project and fundraiser with a talk, panel discussion and stall across the two day event.

December 2023

Pink Wellies Rally at Westminster

We displayed 133 pairs of pink wellies at Westminster Square to represent the number of agricultural workers that took their own life during the most recent year of data. We did this to raise public awareness of the crisis facing farmers and the impact this their lives and the lives of those around them.

January 2024

Oxford Farming Conferences

Coming soon...

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