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September 2023

Project Inception

Witnessing British farmers struggling with extreme weather, higher input costs, lower subsidy payments, and pressure from the supermarkets it was clear that we needed to do more to help. Animal Rising organised a team to start looking into a project dedicated to supporting the farming community.

October 2023

Farmer Protests

Seeing the farmers take part in the Proud to Farm supermarket blockades the very next month confirmed to us that this was the right time to do everything we can to help. We went along in solidarity to show our support and speak with farmers facing the most challenging period in their memory.

November 2023

Project Launch

At VegFest London we launched the project and our Young Farmer Mental Health Fundraiser with a talk, panel discussion and stall across the two day event.

December 2023

Pink Wellies Rally at Westminster

We displayed 133 pairs of pink wellies at Westminster Square to represent the number of agricultural workers that took their own lives during the most recent year of data available at the time (2019-2020). We did this to raise public awareness of the crisis facing farmers and the impact on their lives and the lives of those around them.

January 2024

Oxford Farming Conference

The three of us attended the Oxford Farming Conference where the main focus was looking into if the UK food supply chain is broken. A clear picture was painted that the risk vs reward for growers is heavily out of balance. Audits are heavily eating into profits and a carbon tax at the border was discussed as a way to level the playing field with imports. Long-term contracts are desperately wanted by farmers in this current period of volatility.

February 2024

Wonky Veg Supermarket Survey

Dressed as fruit and veg, the three of us hit the supermarkets of Manchester to ask the public - what is more important; fairness for British Farmers or perfect looking fruit and veg? The results of our survey was completely one-sided in backing our farmers. However, supermarkets are still rejecting up to 40% of produce purely for aesthetic reasons. We have to work with farmers to help force the supermarkets to stop this madness.

March 2024

Low Carbon Agriculture Show

Sarah and Tom attended the show at the National Agricultural and Exhibition Centre (NAEC), in Stoneleigh, to find out what the future of farming currently looks like in the context of the climate and nature emergencies.

Great Welsh Half Marathon

The team completed their first half marathon running along the sunny south coast of Wales, starting and finishing at Pembrey Country Park. A huge thank you to our many generous sponsors for adding to our Young Farmer Mental Health Fundraiser.

April 2024

Vegan and Animal Rights Conference (VARC)

We attended this inaugural conference to make sure that farmers and farming were given the thought and consideration they deserved by the many other important organisations attending the event. Kerri gave a brilliant talk on why we need to work effectively with the farming community as we navigate through this extremely challenging period in time. 

May 2024

FG Live Conference

Sarah and Tom went to this Farmers Guardian event, with the first talk on mental health and resilience from Georgina Lamb of FCN. Heather Whalley then talked about the financial uplifts available through the Sustainable Farming Incentive and how young farmers can make them work for their business model. Paul Harris from REAL Success talked about the challenges faced by farming and how to inspire the next generation, particularly around work/life balance and avoiding a 60-hour working week.

Edinburgh Half Marathon

The team completed their second half marathon running from the centre of Edinburgh out to Musselburgh on a very wet day that was much more challenging than the first. Special shout out to Sarah’s partner for joining us on the run and making us feel slow by finishing quicker than us all!

June 2024

Derbyshire County Show Cancelled

We were excited to run our first stall at a farming event at this year's Derbyshire County show, but due to the extreme wet weather we’ve been seeing this year the organisers were, in yet another blow to the mental health of farmers, forced to cancel at the last minute. 

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