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Information for Farmers

If someone identifies as a vegan this means that they see all animals - human and non-human - as individuals who hold moral value and have a right to life without unnecessary suffering. As a result of this, they do everything they can to avoid eating any food derived from animals and from using animal-based or animal-tested products.

The vast majority of vegans do not hate farmers and are aware that the answer to our problems is not more persecution or conflict. We want to help support farmers and fix the system so that they can continue to grow nutritious food on their land whilst also protecting local wildlife and earning a decent income.

Debates between farmers and vegans are sensationalised on news channels and social media to gain views and spark controversy. This perpetuates the idea that vegans and farmers are enemies. But we are both often being misrepresented by the media and people in real life are very different to the echo chambers on social media.

Vegans are regularly portrayed to have extreme, militant or hateful views. This is a big generalisation and stereotyping. Similarly, farmers feel just as misunderstood and targeted in the media and online. We need to work towards breaking down these barriers and shift the culture of opposition to one of compassion, understanding and unity. Let us make the most unexpected allies and move forward together. 

We are aiming to raise £100,000 for Young Farmers' mental health. Suicide rates in the agricultural sector are amongst the highest in any occupational group and three times higher than the national average. This is shocking and heartbreaking - no one should feel that the only option is to take their own life. We are aiming to tackle the issue of the food system at its core, but by supporting farmers mental health we can help them through this difficult period and show solidarity to those who work tirelessly to grow our food. 

Who are vegans?

Why does the media want to frame us as opponents?

Why are we fundraising for Young Farmers
mental health?

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