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Oilseed Rape

Who We Are

We are a group of individuals who want to create allyship between vegans and farmers, shift the way in which the media pits vegans against farmers, and make progress towards solutions to fix our food and farming systems together. This is an Animal Rising project and was set up in response to the appalling treatment of farmers in this country.

Animal Rising (formerly Animal Rebellion) has always sought relationships with farmers since its inception in 2019 where we stood in solidarity and camped with Extinction Rebellion Farmers outside Defra, putting ourselves at risk of arrest by staying with the farmers even when the police were moving in to force them to leave. We supported the farming campaign group ‘Save British Farming’ at their tractor rally in central London and this unlikely alliance made the farming press. The idea of deepening our dialogue with the farming community developed during September 2022 when we embarked on a Farmer Dialogue Tour to visit farming communities and communicate why we campaign and take direct action.

We are clear that our vision is of a fully plant based food system, but we have always and will always make it clear that we demand a just and sustainable transition for farmers. We do not support any change that perpetuates injustice towards farmers and does not recognise the needs of rural communities.

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