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Our Mission

Vegans Support the Farmers is an Animal Rising project backing farmer-led demands to transform our broken food system, along with fundraising to support the mental health of farmers suffering due to it.

Our goal is to create allyship between vegans and farmers, shift the way in which the media pits vegans against farmers, and make progress towards solutions to fix our food and farming systems together.

Our Goals

Fair Price for Farmers
Supermarkets and suppliers must pay farmers a decent price for their products which can cover costs of production and provide a liveable wage now that farming subsidies are being phased out.


Grow More Food, Imports Down
The government to implement policies that increase our national home-grown produce and move away from trade deals to import cheap food.


Listen to Farmers, Not Corporations
Future farming policy must listen to farmers rather than being led by the demands of the supermarkets and agri-giants.

As we work towards a just and sustainable food system, we need to consider justice from all angles - and that includes farmers. Currently, vegans and farmers never speak constructively and that holds us back from making change. No progress can be made without our farmers - we need them and their knowledge to provide our food.

We are reaching a critical point where we must implement food system change now! We have much more in common with farmers than we think: a feeling of isolation from the rest of society, unfair media portrayals and a concern about the environment. It is in our common interest ito overhaul the system and we must unite under that banner or face a very uncertain future.

The future is bleak for many British farmers. The departure of the UK from the European Union, and subsequently the Common Agricultural Policy, has seen the subsidies that farmers rely on to make a living phased out. The financial situation deteriorated further last year as prices for grain and fertiliser rose sharply at the outbreak of war in the Ukraine and we saw the residual impacts of Coronavirus pandemic continue.

On a political and cultural level, farmers feel attacked by government policies that favour cheap, imported food over home production and a society underpays and undervalues them. It is no wonder that farmer suicide rates are three times the national average and the mental health of the farming community has become a serious concern for farming charities.

Want To Help Our Farmers?

Please donate to our fundraiser that aims to raise £100,000 to help Young Farmers with their mental health.

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